10 Ways to Have That Work Life Balance

Mosttt people have been there, you respect and appreciate your job, some may even love it, but the hours consume our weeks before we know it, and sometimes eating dinner at 8:45 is usually when we ask “where did the day go”? My job has “busy” seasons. We work 50 hours and 6 days aContinue reading “10 Ways to Have That Work Life Balance”

Cancelled Culture

Some of the effects of the world having such a wide use of social media is that it’s very quick to spread news, and negative news tends to get the longest and most widespread attention. Why does this happen? People naturally want to know what’s going, humans want to help and make a change, butContinue reading “Cancelled Culture”

Key West for the Weekend!

If you’re looking for a spot with a ton of activities, sun, awesome people, and beautiful views of our ocean.. look no further than the Florida keys. Me and my friends took our annual girls trip here for a 3 day weekend and had a blast! First, you gotta pick the date of the trip,Continue reading “Key West for the Weekend!”

The Act of Exercise Binging

“Exercise Binging”… not a term that has been talked about in too many conversations. The term “binge eating” has a more known audience. I’d like to shed some light on the act of binge exercising…. Many people are getting into their fitness journey, a trend I am alll for! Let’s better ourselves and take actionContinue reading “The Act of Exercise Binging”

Consuming Calories vs. Energy

The United States nutrition labels state the caloric intake per serving of food. Australia lists the Energy per serving of food. We have sunk into a habit of checking the calories on a snack but ignoring the micronutrients and ingredients that we are actually consuming. The small bag of chips for your afternoon snack mayContinue reading “Consuming Calories vs. Energy”

Arizona – 6 Day Itinerary

Whats a balanced life without some travel? See my 6 day itinerary to explore Arizona! Me and four other of my girlfriends went to Arizona in December (right after it snowed) to celebrate a college graduation. What we saw: Grand Canyon (South Rim) Antelope Canyon Devils Bridge Birthing Cave Vortex Horseshoe Bend Day 1: TheContinue reading “Arizona – 6 Day Itinerary”

Once upon a quarantine morning

Wake up to an alarm around what use to be 6:45 am is now 7:30ishh, to roll out of bed and get ready for my work from home day that is all of ten feet from my bed. My mornings of getting ready for work are no longer rushing to brush my teeth while preparingContinue reading “Once upon a quarantine morning”

Eat to boost your mood!

My guilty pleasure snack? White cheddar popcorn. I could eat an entire family size bag in one sitting and still want more. Is it healthy? Most likely not doctor recommended but it’s delicious and sometimes enjoying handfuls of popcorn makes me happy. The bloating after isn’t great but what “justifies” it is that I dontContinue reading “Eat to boost your mood!”

Well hello there…

When quarantine lock down started, I was allll about working from home and having a little more time in my life to do things that I wanted to do. I read a book, cleaned out my closet, got in the habit of making my bed, enjoyed my morning coffee on the patio. It was soContinue reading “Well hello there…”