Cancelled Culture

Some of the effects of the world having such a wide use of social media is that it’s very quick to spread news, and negative news tends to get the longest and most widespread attention. Why does this happen? People naturally want to know what’s going, humans want to help and make a change, but also misery loves company.

This spot light on negative treatment from typically, celebrities and people with money and/or power, has started people to respond with a “let’s cancel this person” attitude. This has started the canceled culture.

What is canceled culture?

Canceled culture is the practice of withdrawing support for said public figure or company after they are known for participating in something offensive, or deemed so.

Online Shaming, the act of publicly shaming a target to humiliate on the internet via social media platforms or other localized media.

Why has it become so popular? Is it beneficial?

Canceled culture has become part of the trending verbiage in today’s society. We as humans are trying to make our selves aware of the mistreatment that has been going on and to put a stop to it. The amount of attention that it causes is immense and with the more people that know about the mistreatment from the person or company at fault the more people that will disprove and will no longer support such person or company. The lack of support will cause the person to no longer be able to monetize on viewers time or money.

It has become a trend to see a terrible side of a story headline and make assumptions. People that participate in the cancel culture have even shamed others for not participating in their same behavior.

However, you can’t bring peace from hate.

Why cancel culture is toxic.

  • The cancel culture can quickly become a toxic attitude that disallows forgiveness or growth. The backlash that stars in the media is to shame and hate on the person or company at hand.
  • It is causing people to look for the bad. People are getting hyped on public shaming. No one is perfect and no one has the same view point on everything.
  • If someone is not aware of something, the reaction has become to react with backlash instead of communicating on different view points.

People have lost the way to respect other peoples opinions and ways of life. People will preach about how they want other people to respect them and how “you do you”. Honey, if you can’t practice what you preach you are by definition a hypocrite. Hypocrisy is the pretense of having virtuous character or morals that said person does not really have.

It is okay if someone doesn’t believe the same thing as you. They may not be your best friend or the talk show spokes person you always “believed” they were, but guess what the more you get to know someone and live life, the more you learn that a lot of people don’t think the same.

Why not encourage the lack of support to cause growth?

The overall outlook of cancel culture, is not a healthy outlook. The world, media, companies, brand designers, celebrities, TV shows, are made up of humans. It is human nature to make a mistake and it should be allowed to make amends. Public shaming is never the way to teach. This is not how we teach our children. We would never outwardly shame a child for a fault (some people would label this as bullying). Why should we have that behavior towards anyone or anything else. There are positive ways of informing, providing research, and teaching to communicate in an effective manor that can be peaceful for all parties.

Do you think the cancel culture should be canceled?

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