The Act of Exercise Binging

“Exercise Binging”… not a term that has been talked about in too many conversations. The term “binge eating” has a more known audience. I’d like to shed some light on the act of binge exercising….

Many people are getting into their fitness journey, a trend I am alll for! Let’s better ourselves and take action over our health. But all too often have I seen people that are still new in their journey get off track, then back on track, then ready to smash their goals to get the body they want, stop their exercise routine and then complain about their body again. It’s a vicious cycle that isn’t good for our mental health. I’d like to shed some light on the key behaviors that are a sign of binge exercising that can cause a burnout.

“Two a Days”

The term “two a days” refers to training your body twice a day, typically early in the morning and then early evening. Who is this training designed for? HIGH LEVEL ATHLETES TRAINING FOR COMPETITION. This type of training is not designed for maintaining a healthy body. When someone trains this way to smash their goals and get it over with they are putting themselves at risk for 1) Injury and 2) over training. When you are doing physical exercise that involves exerting your self, increasing your heart rate, straining your muscles, dehydration from sweating, all of these events are a form of physical stress. In moderation all of those above factors are stimulates for your body that are beneficial, but too much can be problematic. What does our body want? Balance.

Spending 3 Hours in the Gym

Those 3 hour long workouts are not doing as much good as you think they are. They are reasons to be there for that long such as, training with a professional, socializing and networking, and body building for a competition. Again, let’s go back to staying in the gym when training for a competition, it’s a temporary goal and you know what those athletes do when they’re done? Eat all the carbs and take a rest week or three, then go back to an exercise routine of maintaining their health.

Revolving your days around exercise

It is important make some time to work out, however, these are some signs that you’re revolving your days around exercise.

  • Canceling your plans to socialize multiple times because the gym is more of a priority
    • Instead, try suggesting socializing with a fun activity that gets the body moving!
  • Skipping out on your sleep schedule to work out
  • Frequently engaging conversations about working out.
    • Exercising may be an outlet, not an obsession.

This is what happens when our body is over worked:

  • Fatigue
  • Dehydration
  • Suppressing the immune system
  • Decreased muscle recovery time

Unfortunately, people that binge exercise are loosing the benefits of exercising. This is often caused by having the wrong reason to start. We live in a social media filled world where everyone wants to look “perfect”, tiny waist, no rolls, toned muscles. The toned body can be nice (we’re still going to be authentic here), but you know whats even nicer? A healthy heart, clear skin from sweating out toxins, natural serotonin from getting your heart rate up, hanging out with a friend and trying a new workout.

Trying to “make up for” or over working yourself is not maintainable. The body will burn out and the drive and focus for sustaining a healthy lifestyle will turn into a battle with yourself. A life of balance is the key to maintaining a consistent healthy way of working out.

Comment below your favorite exercises to do throughout the year!

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