Well hello there…

When quarantine lock down started, I was allll about working from home and having a little more time in my life to do things that I wanted to do. I read a book, cleaned out my closet, got in the habit of making my bed, enjoyed my morning coffee on the patio. It was so nice, for the first few weeks. About six weeks in I found myself looking up ways to stay motivated being home all the time.

I found a few articles talking about keeping a routine, you know, make your bed, get dressed, fix your hair, as if you have somewhere to go. The articles also focused on eating well and sleeping at your usual bed time. As I tried to keep that going I found myself still making my bed but the lion’s mane from when I woke up at 7 am was just as messy at 7 pm. I was in pajamas most of the day because why should I add to the laundry if I’m not going any where? However, at the end of my work day I had realized the only physical activity I had done was walking to the kitchen for coffee and walking from the table back to the kitchen for snacks…

After my work day I would go for a walk around my neighborhood and facetime someone. If I didn’t go for a walk, I would try to do an actual home workout to get the blood flowing and I cooked from home more or tried a new recipe every couple days. As most of the world is aware, large gatherings were canceled, including the concerts, trips, festivals, birthday plans, and manyyy events that I was looking forward to. We all had to come to a realization that the idea of having that event to look forward to as a source of happiness had to be changed. We were forced to find comfort in our homes around whichever few loved ones we had around us.

Now some time has passed since that shift in life was so new and people are attempting to get “back on track”. After listening to friends and family around me, I can’t help but think that it was okay to feel low one day or eat all the cookies or not go to the gym for a month. As a human, your body just needs to rest and relaxation sometimes. After all, mentally we had a lot to process. I want to encourage a life of balance without the binging or competing with yourself (or others) to get to that specific “status”. It’s when we just look at dieting or exercising as a means to an end where human’s start to go in this wave pattern of being on and off track. Which in turn creates disappointment and self doubt.

Stay tuned for some positive reads about how to live your (best) balanced life!

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