Eat to boost your mood!

My guilty pleasure snack? White cheddar popcorn. I could eat an entire family size bag in one sitting and still want more. Is it healthy? Most likely not doctor recommended but it’s delicious and sometimes enjoying handfuls of popcorn makes me happy.

The bloating after isn’t great but what “justifies” it is that I dont typically do that. I typically eat things that fuel and nurture my body. These cravings that we get for more sugar and sodium are often stress responses.

Sometimes those stress responses of anxiety, fidgeting, frustration, tiredness are all just signs our body needs some nutrients. There are foods that literally boost our mood. See some of my favorites!

Water: you ever hear that you should drink water as soon as you wake up? It’s because our bodies are 70% water and our brain functions at a higher attention when its hydrated. Falling asleep at your desk? Drink water.

Bananas!: These yellow fruits naturally boost your serotonin from a natural protein chemical called tryptophan, vitamin B6, vitamin A, and iron! (Great snack to grab right before that time of month)

Nuts and Seeds: Besides being an additonal source of protein, nuts and seeds also are great for micronutrients. Cashews and Walnuts are high in magnesium, almonds are high in vitamin E and fiber! Nuts and seeds are also high in zinc, a source that has been recommended to aid treating the common cold.

Sunshine: Although absorbed by our skin, going outside for a walk is a little more than just exercise if the sun is shining. Those sun rays have been proven to improve the mental state and to reduce feelings of depression. A little vitamin D and some deep breaths will balance your mental state to be more calm.

Tea: Tea has been used as herbal remedies for generations. I love having some peppermint or ginger tea to aid in digestion from bloating or upset stomach. To reduce anxiety try: passionflower tea, green tea, ashwagandha

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